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About S&L Natural Foods

faviconFounded in 1978 in Asheboro, North Carolina, we are an independent, family owned & operated Health Food store specializing in high-quality nutritional supplements.  We also carry a large variety of organic foods, produce, bulk, health & beauty, and pet food.

Beyond simply providing healthy products for your family, we take care to provide practical and accurate information about each product and how it may benefit you and your family. Our staff is rigorously trained to serve each customer efficiently and with knowledgeable answers to questions.

We strive constantly to serve our customers’ best interest, from the line of products we carry to the way that we present and deliver them. We have not only improved our online presence and store, but we have made it surprisingly easy to browse our products and now order online! We have so many products to offer and not all are online yet, but they will be available online very soon.

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